Playing the Roller Coaster Dice Game at the Online Casino

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An interesting game to play at the online casino is the Roller Coaster Dice Game. It is available at Playtech Casinos. The game is simple enough as you guess whether the roll of two dice is higher or lower than the previous number.

The exciting part of Roller Coaster Dice is that the game has a payout structure that increases the more times you are right. As soon as you get to the fourth, sixth, or eighth step on the ladder you have the option of collecting that payout or you can gamble and play the dice game. If you make it to the tenth step then you win the maximum amount.

The game begins with you placing a wager and hitting play. After the first roll, you bet whether the roll will be higher or lower. If the total is less than 7, you have to choose between the options Lower or Equal and Higher. If the total is 7, you have to choose between Lower or Equal and Higher or Equal.

If the total is greater than 7, you have to choose between Lower and Higher or Equal. If you choose incorrectly, the game ends and you lose. If you choose correctly, you advance to the next level. When you reach a payout level you can then cash out or try for the jackpot. When you get to a cash-out level your bet is multiplied by a certain amount so your cash-out option is a good one but you can choose to keep going and go for a higher level.

Check out the Roller Coaster Dice Game at the online casino today.

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