High Roller Favorite Games

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What are the favorite games that high rollers like to play at the online casino? Let’s take a look.

Baccarat – You hear all the time about how high rollers like to play baccarat and it is true. Many Asian players only play baccarat and it is easy to see why as the game has the lowest house edge and is the easiest to play. Many people think high rollers choose this game because it is sophisticated but the opposite is true. There are no decisions to make once you choose which hand to bet on and you don’t need to know anything to play baccarat. The game gives high rollers the best chance to win big money.

Blackjack – Many high rollers like to play blackjack because it has a low house edge and keeps them involved. Some high rollers will go back and forth between baccarat and blackjack depending upon what they are looking for. If they want to just sit back and relax and make no decisions they will choose baccarat but if they want to be a little more involved they will choose blackjack.

Craps, Roulette, and Pai Gow – A distant third to baccarat and blackjack are craps, roulette, and Pai Gow in no particular order. These games get a little bit of action from high rollers but nowhere near what baccarat and blackjack get.

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