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High Roller Bonus Guide for Getting the Most of What is Out There

One of the characteristics of online gambling that set it far and away apart from the traditional brick and mortar in person on site casinos is the incredible bonus structure that is offered to players online. Online gamblers all get the high roller treatment and it does not take much of a sign up bonus or a lot of betting action to quickly get the feeling that you are being treated as a first class whale. With that in mind let’s take a look at some of the more common bonuses so that you can be assured at getting the most out of your online gambling experience.

A 50% Match Bonus is a highly popular incentive that is offered by online casino gambling websites. A 50% match bonus means that you would receive $50 of bonus money from the online casino for every $100 that you deposit. That makes your total bankroll in this case $150 and makes you a winner before the first bet is placed.

A 100% Match Bonus is an even better version as the online casino will give you a 100% match for a certain amount of money that you deposit into the online casino.

However when you start to see 200% or higher Match Bonus offers it is time to start asking questions and reading the fine print. When it gets into the 500% range you are likely reading comedy that you don’t want used as a joke against you.


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