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Casinos Love High Rollers But Also Fear Them

Casinos, both land-based and online love high rollers but they also fear them. High rollers attract a lot of attention from casinos because the high rollers can lose a lot of money in a short period of time and make casinos a lot of money. What might also happen, although not as frequently, is that the high roller could win big. That is why casinos fear the high roller.

Casinos go out of their way to get high rollers as they will offer a number of perks and bonuses to the big players. Getting a “whale” to play at a specific land-based or online casino can result in millions of dollars for the casino. That means perks like free rooms, meals, trips, bonuses, transportation, etc. are all offered to the high roller. Casinos are in competition with each other so they will be offering as much as they can to get the high roller to play with them.

While high rollers are of extreme importance to the casinos, they are also a danger. There are always times when a high roller gets hot and cleans out the casino for millions of dollars. The casinos are well aware of the danger but they know the potential payout is great so they put up with the risk of losing millions. And the casinos have the edge because the percentages in the long term are always with the house. It is a true love/hate relationship.


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